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Best Color-changing Ceiling Lights with Bluetooth Speakers 2022

Ceiling Lights with Bluetooth Speakers

Are you in need of a modern ceiling light? A modern ceiling light that will suit you and your kids? A modern ceiling light that you can use to play music and that changes the light colors?

In this comprehensive guide, we present a review of the best color-changing ceiling lights with Bluetooth speakers that are stylistic for this year.

ProductThe BrandBuying Point
Horevo 36W Ceiling Light with Bluetooth Speaker  Horevo
WZTO 36W LED Music Ceiling Light with Bluetooth Speaker.  Yiren shop
Horevo Waterproof Ceiling Light Fixture.  Horevo
Combuh 36W LED Music Ceiling Light with Bluetooth Speaker  Combuh
IYUNXI Starlight LED Ceiling Light with Bluetooth Speaker  IYUNXI

Best Color-changing Ceiling Lights with Bluetooth Speakers

1. Horevo 36W Ceiling Light with Bluetooth Speaker

This ceiling light is energy-saving. Once you install it to replace the fluorescent bulbs in your home, you are assured of a drop in the electricity bill. The 50, 000 hours rated life span of this light guarantees you reduced re-lamp frequency.

Horevo 36W Ceiling Light with Bluetooth Speaker

If you need a ceiling light that you will control easily, this ceiling light will be good for you. It comes with remote control.

The remote controls play a huge role in helping you control the music playing on the Bluetooth speaker.

You can also use it to adjust the color and temperature and brightness of the light. You can also set the night light mode using the remote.

Eye protection is also guaranteed if you purchase this light. The Horevo 36W Ceiling Light has is designed to protect your eyes.

The light is glare-free hence protecting your eyes from harsh and glare lights. The light produced is also warm. This ensures that your home environment feels comfortable.

Your need for disco dancing lighting is solved once you purchase these ceiling lights. When you select the rhythm mode the colors of the light will change according to the rhythm of the song. This will make your home parties more lively.

You will have more advanced control of your ceiling light through APP used by the lights. You can use the APP to set a timer.

The lights will go off and on at the respective set time. this timer also makes it easy to set alarms using the light. Music will play and the lights will be turned on, therefore increasing your chances of waking up.


  • Color and brightness stay unchanged until changed.
  • Quality sound from the Bluetooth speaker.
  • Energy-efficient.
  • High light permeability.
  • Adjustable color temperature and brightness.
  • Protection from corrosion.
  • Advanced remote and app controls.


  • The dimmest lighting of the light looks bright.
  • Music always starts loud and forces you to reduce using remote.

2. WZTO 36W LED Music Ceiling Light with Bluetooth Speaker

You will need this ceiling light if you love a great music experience. The built-in Bluetooth speaker has really good sound quality. The Bluetooth can be connected to all types of mobile phones.

WZTO 36W LED Ceiling Light with Bluetooth

This enables you to play your favorite music on your phone.

The disco light feature enabled by colors changing to the rhythm of the music playing makes your listening experience more enjoyable.

If you need an easily controllable ceiling light, the WZTO 36W LED Music Ceiling Light will be ideal for you.

You can easily control the volume of the music playing.

You can also activate the night mode using the remote as well as adjust the brightness and color temperature.

There is a more advanced control involved in this ceiling light. You can use a smartphone app to perform advanced controls. These controls are enabled by the timer function.

Using the timer function, you can ensure that the lights turn on and off automatically by setting a schedule using the app. You can also use the timer to set alarms on and off. Alarms are effective reminders mostly when waking up.

You are assured of your kids’ eye protection by using the WZTO 36W LED Music Ceiling Light.

There is no flicker in these lights. Additionally, the absence of glares in the night light mode protects your kids from strong light creating a warm and comfortable environment for them.

This light will solve your need for modern-day ceiling light. Multiple functions such as changeable multiple color choices and the easy changing of brightness levels will satisfy your needs for modern ceiling light.


  • Environmental friendly.
  • Simple to install and replace.
  • Good sound quality.
  • Usable by both adults and kids.
  • Applicable in multiple different rooms.
  • Guaranteed durability
  • Easy controls
  • Comes with a one-year warranty.


  • The bright lights of this light can easily damage your eyes.
  • The volume of the Bluetooth speaker always needs readjusting.

3. Horevo Waterproof Ceiling Light Fixture

Have you been looking for a ceiling light that can change colors, play music, and is water and dust-proof? Worry no more.

The Horevo Waterproof Ceiling Light has all those features in one. The waterproof rating is IP65. This light is properly sealed to avoid protect it against splashing water.

Horevo Waterproof Ceiling Light Fixture

This light is dustproof as well and easy for you to clean. This waterproof ability makes this light suitable for use in your bathroom and outdoor places such as hallways.

If you need to create a different atmosphere in your room, this light will suit that role perfectly. The light is usually bright to light up your rooms perfectly.

The seven color light modes and gradient colorful lights can be chosen depending on your preference.

Your need for a good music experience is catered for by using the Horevo Waterproof Ceiling Light. The inbuilt Bluetooth speaker is of good quality.

You can easily connect your phone or any other audio device to the ceiling light speaker through Bluetooth. The rhythm of the music you play changes the color of the lights. This gives you that disco experience. The brightness of the light also increases if you increase the volume of the music. This takes your relaxing experience to a whole new level.

The detachable standard E27 socket that this ceiling light is equipped with makes it suitable for two kinds of installation. You can install this light as a ceiling lamp and as a socket pendant lamp.

If you need to save money and energy go for this ceiling light. It uses 18W only saving up to 85 percent of energy compared to incandescent lights. This helps reduces your electricity bill.


  • Easy to install.
  • The lighting is superb.
  • Saves you money.
  • Can be used as a socket lamp.
  • Water and dustproof.
  • Great sound quality.
  • Beautiful color change.


  • Mostly used in bathrooms.
  • Relatively loud.
  • No remotes for volume control.

4. Combuh 36W LED Music Ceiling Light with Bluetooth Speaker

You will want to use this ceiling light if you are a music lover. The inbuilt Bluetooth speaker can be connected to your audio devices. This enables you to play your favorite music as you relax in your room.

Combuh 36W LED Music color changing Ceiling Light with Bluetooth Speaker

The Bluetooth feature is also usable during the day when you are in no need of lighting. The music playing also affects the lighting of the lamp.

The rhythm of the music produces different color effects from the ceiling lights. This produces the disco dancing lights in your room.

The smartphone app used to control these ceiling lamps is another reason why you should be considering the purchase of these lights.

Using the app, you can schedule the time for atomically turning the ceiling lights and off.

The smart app also includes voice control which can be done regardless of the range of light. You can also use the app to set alarms.

The Combuh 36W LED Music Ceiling Light with Bluetooth Speaker is used in a wide range of places.

You can install it in living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, shops, offices, hallways, kitchens, basements, stairs, halls, and bars.

Easy and efficient remote controls are other reasons you should make you purchase this ceiling light. You can use the remote to adjust the brightness of the light as well as the volume of the music playing.

You can also adjust the color temperature using the remote. This ceiling light saves the brightness and color set previously. This saves you time if you prefer a specific color and level of brightness.


  • Easy controls.
  • Easy to install.
  • Applicable in multiple places.
  • Good sound quality.
  • Great lighting.


  • The manual is very brief.
  • Delayed Bluetooth pairing.

5. IYUNXI Starlight LED Ceiling Light with Bluetooth Speaker

The premium Bluetooth speaker installed in this ceiling light is a reason why you should purchase it.

It connects to a variety of devices and produces a high-fidelity sound that you and your kids can enjoy. You can play your kids some lullabies and bedtime stories at night as well.

IYUNXI Starlight LED Ceiling Light color changing

If you need a shiny and bright bedroom, all you need is this ceiling light.

It has starlight effects that make sure that your room is brightly lit.

The remote control of this ceiling light will help you set this light to your preferred adjustments.

Also, the remote control is sensitive enough to have a smooth control.

You can use it to control the brightness level between 10% and 100%.

You can also change the color temperature of your ceiling light from warm to cool using the remote.

The IYUNXI Starlight LED Ceiling Light has a great memory function. The brightness that was set before the ceiling light was turned off is saved and it’s still the same when turned on.

The ceiling lights also use the RGB mode which keeps the rhythm of colors lively making your atmosphere look beautiful.

These ceiling lights suit your different preferences. They can be installed in bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and other different interiors.


  • Provides great lighting
  • Good music quality.
  • Memory function present.
  • Shiny and bright rooms.
  • Easy color and color temperature adjustments.
  • Durable.
  • Suitable for children’s rooms.


  • No manual for use.
  • Low sound suitable for kids only.

Our top 3 picks

a). Horevo 36W Ceiling Light with Bluetooth Speaker

This is the ideal ceiling light to choose from over the rest. Though it is expensive its features remain to be the best.

It is more energy-efficient, has high light permeability, produces high-quality sound, and adjustable brightness and color temperature. It is also protected from corrosion.

b). Horevo Waterproof Ceiling Light Feature.

This one comes second because of its waterproof feature. Its ability to be used outdoors and that it is the perfect make for bathrooms makes it exceptional.

Its other unique feature is the ability of two-way installation. Both as a socket pendant lamb and as a ceiling lamp. This ceiling lamb saves you money and energy.

c). IYUNXI Starlight LED Ceiling Light with Bluetooth Speaker.

The starlight effects of this ceiling lamb make it unique. They make your room shinier and brighter. These effects are also loved by kids.

It has a wide range of color temperature adjustments as well as brightness adjustments. The Bluetooth sound is also good.

Factors to consider when choosing Color-changing Ceiling Lights

To choose a perfect color changing ceiling lighting with Bluetooth feature, you will need to consider the following:

1. Color-changing effects

Not all ceiling lights change colors. Some may change only by use of remote controls. It is, therefore, very important to consider how lights change in the ceiling lamb before purchasing it.

You can go for ceiling lights that change the color of the lights using the rhythm of the music playing on the in-built Bluetooth speaker.

You should also consider ceiling lambs with the RGB feature. If it is present you are guaranteed of changing color rhythms on your ceiling light.

2. The inbuilt Bluetooth speaker

The Bluetooth speaker of your ceiling light should be easily identifiable and paired with different audio devices.

Your audio device should be able to control the volume of the Bluetooth device. The Bluetooth device should also be able to save the previous volume settings to avoid adjustments once the devices are connected again.

3. The Controls.

The remote and app controls are very important. They help use your ceiling light effectively. They should be present and effective.

Without controls, you will not adjust the ceiling light to the settings of your liking.

These settings include the changing of the color and color temperature done using the remote, and setting timers which are done using the app.

Final Advice

If you want to give your room that modern look and have a great experience, you cannot miss out on installing color-changing ceiling lights with Bluetooth speakers in your room. For outdoor solutions, read our guide on the best outdoor lights with Bluetooth speakers to get more choices.

The combination of fashion, music, and lights together with low energy consumption, a wide range of applications, and eye protection are some of the factors that make these ceiling lights stand out. Get one for yourself and enjoy the experience.

If you are looking for your lavatory, check the best bathroom ceiling lights with Bluetooth speakers for your enjoyment.