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About us

We are a team of passionate reviewers dedicated to providing the best possible information about products and services offered on the web. as tech enthusiasts, we focus our knowledge and reviews on the technical gadgets for daily use.

Our team is composed of five main experts and two guest reviewers. The main reviewers write articles by testing and understanding the products they find thrilling to write on. In some cases, we partner to write good reviews and well-thought content on each of the products we focus on,

At the same time, we provide accurate informational articles that seek to educate the audience on the best practices about a number of categories of products. We guide users on how to use products safely and get the best utility out of them.

Our team is passionate about gadgets and tech products that are mostly normal day use. We focus on creating awareness and answering the most common ‘how-to’ questions. We also provide recommendations on where to buy most of the products we talk about.

As an affiliate, we participate in reward programs for such recommendations. Meet the team of reviewers at this site, we call them Briefers, taking from the name of our website, the Gadget Briefs.

At, we share a lot of information, stories and honest opinion that is based on the use of the products that we come across. in some other cases, we also follow the responses of the people we know, as well as those of the online users we meet online.

Most importantly is the responses of the people who comment on our blogs on this website. Combined with the information from the research and official product pages, we are able to tell all the basic details of a specific product.

Feel free to be part of this collection of ideas by giving us feedback on the comments box for every post. You can also contact us on our official page and we will be glad to respond.