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Best Speakers with Optical Input: Powered and Active Audio

Best Speakers with Optical Input

One will not listen to media decently without a powerful speaker. The fun is always good when you use speakers with optical input. Multiple companies are producing varying models with incredible sound quality.

Well, sorting the awesome one from the awful can be time-consuming. We stand in that gap to assists you in the selection process. Read on to understand how to arrive at the right pick. 

At a Glance

ProductDescriptionSelling pointBuying Link
1. Rockville RPG10BT
Rockville RPG10BT Speaker
The speaker has a built-in BluetoothIt is compact and lightweight  
2. Edifier R980T Bookshelf Speakers
Edifier R980T Bookshelf Speakers
Well calibrated and designed with a powerful reflex portThe wood enclosure reduces acoustic resonance  
3. Audioengine Wireless Speaker
Audioengine Wireless Speaker
3-year transferable warranty The audiophile powered speaker set produces Hi-Fi sound
4.Edifier R1280T Bookshelf Speakers
Edifier R1280T Bookshelf Speakers
The speaker will produce studio sound quality  The classic wood finish complements the room’s décor  
5. Micca PB42X Bookshelf Speakers 
Micca PB42X Bookshelf Speakers
The speaker has a versatile designThe product has reasonable prices
6. Presonus Eris E3.5-3.5  
Presonus Eris E3.5-3.5
It has flexible and input and outputThe pricing is pocket friendly
7. PRORECK Club 3000
PRORECK Club 3000
The Bluetooth device enables wireless connections  produces deep and thrilling sound
8. Klipsch R-15PM
Klipsch R-15PM
The system enjoys expandability  The speaker has a versatile design  
9. Edifier R1700BT Bookshelf 
Edifier R1700BT Bookshelf
The remote control is reliableIt has a wonderful tone control  

Best Speakers with Optical Input

1. Rockville RPG10BT

Busting in the scene is the Rockville RPG10BT speaker. This product comes in 600watts, 300ttts, or 150 watts with built-in Bluetooth. It offers incredible bass with a decent frequency response of 40 Hz to 40 kHz. 

Rockville RPG10BT Speakers for distortion-free sound

At the peak, it will produce 120dB. The Bluetooth feature allows one to get an audio signal from a phone or any MP3 enabled player.

Furthermore, the set comes with a wireless remote to manage at a distance.

Besides, it is both lightweight and compact. As such, it is advantageous when transporting to a different place. When operating at extreme SPL, the system will deliver distortion-free sound. 

The speaker uses linear class B amplifier technology to offer a transparent sonic performance.

Also, there is an internal switch-mode power supply to support low distortion audio.

The speaker enjoys a state-of-art titanium diaphragm compression driver. It performs well to restore clear high-frequency production. 


  • The speaker has a built-in Bluetooth feature
  • The set has a remote control for better control
  • Treble equalization processor for proper system control
  • It is compact and lightweight
  • Ultra-noise mic input via stereo jacks


  • It has distorted mid ranges

2. Edifier R980T Bookshelf Speakers

Edifier is an active speaker system that operates on a 24-watt power. In the front, you will find a flared bass reflex port.

Edifier R980T speakers with two aux input

The good news is the speaker enjoys a classic wood finish, which minimizes acoustic resonance. They are magnetically shielded speakers.

The package includes RCA and 3.5mm cables. Also, there are speaker wires to enhance its functionality. It is a universal speaker that can operate on both 120V and 240 V, respectively.

Plus, this speaker has two aux inputs, which are convenient when you want to connect any gadget that uses a 3.5mm headphone output. If your device has audio RCA output, the better. 

Typically, the device has a sturdy and durable build. It will serve you extensively without encountering breakdowns.

As you purchase it, the two-year warranty takes effect. It proves of high quality and reliability. 


  • The used materials are strong and long-lasting
  • Well calibrated and designed with a powerful reflex port
  • It has a universal power supply of between 120V and 240V
  • The wood enclosure reduces acoustic resonance
  • The speaker enjoys a 24-month warranty


  • It lacks a remote control for distance management

 3. Audioengine Wireless Speaker

The distinguishing factor is the Bluetooth feature that allows the user to connect to other Bluetooth enabled devices.

Audioengine Wireless Speaker ideal for active DJs

This speaker is suitable for smaller rooms and desktop. The device has built-in digital mechanisms that will convert to analog thanks to well-made circuitry. 

The speaker allows USB and RCA connections. As such, you can improve your sound connections by adding subwoofers.

It can be an interesting product for active DJs. Typically, such speakers take up little space.  

The versatility of this speaker gives it an edge. You can connect the device to the laptop, desktop computers, phones, CD/DVD players. Also, this product uses a 1.5mm jack audio cable. There is an attached brochure that has set up instructions. 

The product uses analog amplifiers to serve both the left and right speakers. The used materials are durable. The three-year transferable warranty speaks volumes about its quality.


  • The audiophile powered speaker set produces Hi-Fi sound
  • The speaker is versatile hence compatible with different devices
  • The speaker enjoys a Bluetooth feature
  • The installation procedure is straightforward
  • There is a three-year transferable warranty


  • The speaker has slightly higher prices

4. Edifier R1280T Bookshelf Speakers

If you are in search of the most affordable speaker, then Edifier can be your choice. It uses a 4-inch bass driver to deliver robust and rich bass output.

Edifier R1280T Bookshelf Speakers for robust and rich bass output.

It has 2 x Aux input, which is convenient for connecting a 3.5 mm headphone.

As you put this speaker to use, it will produce a studio sound quality.

The 13mm silk dome tweeters will produce a natural sound.

The remote control will allow you to change the volume at the fingertips. The main speaker has treble and bass control. 

The speaker boasts of a classic wood finish. The top-quality MDF wood materials will add to the general décor of your room. 

The dual RCA input will serve multiple devices, such as headphones, among others. There is a bass reflex port to assist in providing sound with a lack of bass distortion.

The 4-inch bass driver is pretty impressive. There is a built-in tone control to allow the user to shape the sound accordingly. 


  • Its product manifests at low prices.
  • The speaker will produce studio sound quality.
  • The remote control manages the speaker conveniently.
  • The classic wood finish complements the room’s décor
  • It is a 24-month warranty.


  • There were complaints about sound clarity.

5. Micca PB42X Bookshelf Speakers 

Micca is the right option when you want to add sound to your computer or TV. It comes with classic contours and handsome styles to blend with the room’s décor.

Micca PB42X Bookshelf Speakers with a smooth treble

You will not need additional wiring due to the presence of a built-in high-performance amplifier. 

The speaker enjoys a clean and modern appearance. The high performance 0.75- inch drivers will procure a smooth treble and accurate imaging.

The carbon woofer with a rubber enclosure enhances transients. The speaker has a powerful amplifier with built-in RCA and several 3.5 mm input jacks for a simple connection with an analog source.

This amplifier boasts of class D technology that gives ultra-low distortion. This class D amplifier will give clean power. 

The amplifier combines with drivers to deliver full and rich sound. There is a highly optimized crossover for a balanced and dynamic sound. 


  • It offers low distortion making it unique
  • The speaker has a versatile design
  • It has a balanced woven woofer for impactful bass
  • The class D amplifier restores clean power
  • The product has reasonable prices 


  • The speaker comes only in a single color

6. Presonus Eris E3.5-3.5

PreSonus Eris is a popular speaker that enjoys many customer reviews from the Amazon platfom. That aside, the product has an excellent feature that meets the needs of users.

Presonus Eris E3.5-3.5 speakers with 3. 5-inch drivers

It is perfect for studio situations. You can connect it to your desktop and involve it in watching movies, gaming, or producing the next heat. 

The speaker has great sound quality. It has protection over-temperature, RF interference, turn-on/off transient, and output current limiting. The product has woven 3. 5-inch drivers for powerful bass response. 

The speaker enjoys acoustic tunic. As such, you will get pristine sound quality in your room. The crossover frequency is 2.8Kz hence delivers unmatched output. 

You can connect the subwoofer to this speaker. That makes the speaker ideal for Karaoke’s, speeches, and DJs. 

The product has excellent features with versatile options. There are dedicated controls to support bass and treble functions—other versatile options are USB and SD card inputs. The inline method includes stereo RCA and mono XLR. 


  • It is a complete array speaker set.
  • The 3.5-inch drives will produce the needed sound output.
  • It is a versatile speaker for supporting different devices.
  • It has flexible and input and output.
  • The pricing is pocket friendly.


  • It lacks a Bluetooth function

7. PRORECK Club 3000

If you are looking for a complete public address system, then here is your perfect option. It is a 4000-watt speaker that serves you effectively.

PRORECK Club 3000 speakers

The complete set includes 8 array speakers, subwoofers and speaker stands, and remote control. 

The speaker is versatile as it will pair with iPhone and Android devices instantly.

There is a telescoping speaker pole that adjusts from 60 to inches tall. There are side handles for the transportation of the subwoofers. 

The speaker has a powerful Bluetooth to improve its functions. The mono XLR microphone and 6.35mm stereo cable for inline output.

Also, it has volume controls to manage treble and bass conveniently. The product enjoys a frequency response of 30kz to 40 kHz. It can serve a minimum of 200 people in a 500 square meter environment. 

The speaker is ideal for churches, weddings, conferences, and gyms. 


  • The Bluetooth device enables wireless connections.
  • The product enjoys a wide range of usage.
  • The system is compatible with different devices.
  • The product produces a deep and thrilling sound.
  • The used materials are durable. 


  • The system is expensive

8. Klipsch R-15PM

Klipsch R-15Pm speaker will deliver room-filling sound thanks to the built-in amplifiers. Furthermore, it has an integrated Bluetooth technology that will pair with multiple devices.

Affordable Klipsch R-15Pm speaker

A speaker is an affordable option if you are operating on a budget.

The system features an IR remote, which is ideal for improving its functions.

You can involve the function to play/pause, or select your favorite track. The system has an expandability design. One can add a subwoofer to promote low frequencies.

The speakers are popular due to their versatility. They have digital optical, USB, and RCA inputs. The design enables proper connection with other devices for better sound quality. 

The products allow for highly efficient amplification. There are R-15PM amplifiers to maximize the system performance. The product is suitable for home or studio environment. 

Also, the device has low noise amplifiers. You can customize to produce great sound quality.


  • The speaker has a remote control to make it more functional.
  • The speaker has a versatile design.
  • The system enjoys expandability.
  • High efficient amplifications for sufficient performance
  • The speaker is the best affordable option.


  • The volume will reset after every use

9. Edifier R1700BT Bookshelf 

The distinguishing element of this product is the Bluetooth feature. It enables it to connect to computers, tablets, and phones to enhance the wireless experience.

Edifier R1700BT Bookshelf compatible with windows, android, and iOS operating systems.

The speaker works perfectly for both windows, android, and iOS operating systems. The device has 2 X aux input, which connects to any device.

It also has an RCA output and 3.5mm headphone output. One can connect the two devices through the aux at the same time.

The presence of the remote control makes a fantastic input source. It can mute and unmute the system. Also, you can adjust the volume at the fingertips.

The product enjoys a classic wood finish. As such, it remains a fantastic compliment to the decor of your home. 

Overall, the used materials are durable. The used wooded covering will resist any breakage or deformation when subjected to rough handling. The product comes in moderate pricing with a two-year warranty subject to the date of purchasing. 


  • It is a fantastic wood finish to enhance the decor of your room.
  • The remote control is a reliable switch input source.
  • The Bluetooth feature makes it to be compatible with multiple devices.
  • The product enjoys a two-year warranty.
  • It has great tone control.


  • The product is slightly heavy. 

Our Top Three Picks

1. PRORECK Club 3000

It is a public address system that can serve up the top 200 people. The speaker features Bluetooth connections making it compatible with several devices.

There is a telescoping speaker pole to adjust it according to your needs. The item is ideal at wedding ceremonies, churches, and speeches. 

3. Rockville RPG10BT

The product is lightweight and compacts. With the presence of Bluetooth, it connects to different gadgets. The remote control will offer you a great wireless experience.

The speaker has a maximum volume of 120dB. Lastly, it has a state-of-art titanium diaphragm to allow clear high-frequency production. 

3. Edifier R1700BT

The speaker will work with several devices under different platforms such as Windows, Android, and iOS. The remote control is a powerful switching source to promote the wireless experience.

The classic wood finish will improve the general outlook of your room. The speaker enjoys a 24-month warranty from the manufacturer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to connect wireless speakers to a stereo receiver

Let one end of the RCA audio wire cable connect to audio in or line-in ports. These ports are on the rear of your wireless adapter module.

Furthermore, plug the other end of the Y-cable audio to the audio receiver. After that, connect the wireless adapter module to the AC adapter power.

If you are using the available electrical socket, plug in the other end. You can now power the receiver as you play the music normally. 

How do I connect optical audio to speakers?

You must understand if the RCA is digital or analog. If it is a digital option, then a single RCA labeled SPDIF will serve both speakers.

It has a left and right design with a switch on end. You can now link to the speaker. If it is the analog option, it has a preamble L or R inputs. The user will need a digital to analog converter (DAC). 

Do soundbars have optical input?

Yes. The soundbars are excellent avenues to connect your sound from your devices such as TV.

You can use the soundbar to act as a hub and allow several devices to pass via it. At this point, you not must run a cable through the TV.

You can set the soundbar as the speaker as you connect other devices to the TV. Lastly, connect the TV to the soundbar. 

How do I connect 3.5 mm jack to optical digital audio?

You can do so with the help of RCAs. Alternatively, one can use 3.5mm cables if the TV lacks RCA connector output.

It is okay if you use a headphone output of 3.5 mm. Use the HDMI cable and connect the cable to a soundbar or TV. 

Can you connect powered speakers to an amplifier?

The procedure is rather simple. Locate an electrical source and connect your speakers. Another thing is to connect your powered speakers to any music source using an analog RCA cable.

Use the speaker wires to connect the two devices. You will now experience the required sound output. 


The essential thing is to know if you will use the speaker at home or in outdoor functions. Acquiring the right speaker is a way of gaining a great sound experience.

You will get different speakers to offer fantastic sound while at home or beyond. It will be reasonable for home cinema to get the speakers with plenty of I/O options.

Furthermore, it should be compatible with several devices to make it more convenient to use. Our review here will assist you in landing a fantastic deal. 

If undecided, then make the above-listed products to be among your options. They will offer you a commendable service. 

Factors to Consider while Buying the Best Speakers with Optical Input

You must have adequate facts about the product you want to purchase. As such, it will limit any potential errors that you may make. You will still find pleasure when you buy the correct speaker that meets your needs.

As s beginner, you will get overwhelmed by multiple choices. That should not cause you to panic. You have the responsibility to gauge them as appropriate. Use the following checks: 

Surround Sound

A proper system should have dedicated sound surroundings that you will install in your room. The right speaker should allow you to hear music as well as sound effects all around you. It must have controls to balance bass and treble in your actions. 


Many speakers will manifest in varying designs. Some will need a wireless connection to function while others not.

For wireless options, the speaker will have a Bluetooth feature that pairs with other devices, which is a matter of compatibility. 

The Bluetooth feature is suitable for smart listening. It is available on PCs, tablets, and smartphones. 

Bookshelf or Stand Speakers

It is easy to squeeze a bookshelf into your cabinets. However, you must get a dedicated sound.

It happens so if you use a stand speaker. Such a design allows much of the bass to bounce on the walls outside the cabinets.

The small size produces subtle midrange tones. Such is suitable for female voices. Remarkably, they are in giving more clarity than other bigger models. 


Numerous brands dominate the market. You must strive to use the one from reputable manufacturers.

It would be best if you did not risk settling for the unknown brands since they can disappoint and limit you when you raise complaints. 


Pricing is an important aspect that remains the center of your attention. It all depends on the size of your budget.

If you are working on a limited budget, then do not strain beyond that. For better service, it will be reasonable to dig a little into your pocket. Most of the high-quality components command high pricing.