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Guide How to charge a Bluetooth speaker without a Charger

Key Takeaways:
This article is going to explore the following aspects of Bluetooth speakers:

  • How to charge a Bluetooth speaker without a charger.
  • How to fix a Bluetooth speaker that won’t charge.
  • Can you charge a speaker with an aux cord?
  • How long do Bluetooth speakers take to charge?

How to charge a Bluetooth speaker without a charger

In our post on the best Bluetooth speakers, we highlighted fast charging as one of the features that make one speaker better than the other. Today, we take a quick look at the ways in which one can charge a speak without a charger, by exploring the alternatives to a charger.

1. Use a laptop

Charging Bluetooth speakers using Laptop

A micro USB cable is an option when charging a Bluetooth speaker from a laptop.

The bigger side on the USB cable is connected to the Direct Current (DC) in the 5V jack.

It is advisable to turn off the Bluetooth speaker in order to prolong the speaker’s battery life.

2. Use a power bank

Charging Bluetooth speakers using powerbank

This is one of the popular means of recharging speakers in the modern era. It is a portable option when one needs a recharge.

It only requires the Bluetooth speakers to be connected to the power bank via a charging cable and the USB port.

Additionally, some Bluetooth speakers also come with power banks or are power banks by themselves hence convenient when it comes to recharging.

Some power banks do already have multiple connections, so you just plug the connection into the charging port. This only works with speakers that have a charging port that is functional.

However, power banks are a bit costly but are a good option for frequent travelers.

3. Use a car phone charger

In case you have a car, you can plug a charger into the lighter port and achieve a 5V output which can be used to charge a Bluetooth speaker.

Here too, you use a USB club that is plugged into the speaker via a charger. This is one of the methods we also recommended to charge a headphone without its charger by using other alternatives.

4. Wireless charging

Wireless technology can help a lot in charging Bluetooth speakers. You will need to find a wireless charger that is compatible to your speaker.

These wireless chargers can be purchased online. Speakers will sometimes have a charging option that is wireless that we normally do not use since we do not possess a wireless charger.

You can refer to the user manual to check whether your Bluetooth speaker can be wirelessly charged. However, speakers which are older may not have this option as opposed to newer ones which definitely will.

Once you notice that the Bluetooth speaker can be wirelessly charged, you can purchase a wireless charger or rather utilize the one that you already have.

Another option is to use the wireless charging pads found in a restaurant such as Panera or McDonalds in case you are traveling and are in urgent need

5. Customized Wireless Charger

You will need your Bluetooth speaker, a charging set that is inductive Soldering tools and A 9v charger. Disassemble your speaker and stay focused on the circuit board.

Handle the input line with care because it is often a delicate spot. Then Solder the two +5V wires on the board’s reception and connect 9v charger on the emitter’s side.

Ensure your hands are steady so that you do not accidentally touch other key parts of the board, otherwise you might cause damage.

After the completion of this step, test to confirm whether your device will charge.

If it charges, tape the coil to the bottom of the case. Then fit it onto the printed circuit board. You will now be able to wirelessly charge your Bluetooth speaker.

How to fix Bluetooth speaker that won’t charge

There are several ways to fix a speaker that won’t charge which include:

1. Using a different micro USB cable

If you are using a specific cable and it fails to charge the speaker, you might need to try a different USB to check if the one you have been using is faulty.

The first one might have been faulty therefore providing you with a chance to buy/use a different one.

2. Disconnect and then reconnect the USB cable at both ends

Another option is to unplug either ends of the cable. This ensures that the two ends are well connected to the power source and the speaker as well.

3. Confirm if the connected power outlet is working

In case you plug in your device to the power outlet and it does not produce any tone, then try plugging a different device. Some such are an electric fan or an iron box to the exact outlet just to confirm that it works.

When a speaker is connected to power, it should produce a particular tone. The above test is done just to confirm the same.

4. Try out a different charger

You can try out a different charger that is in line with the specs of your Bluetooth speaker. The charger determines the time it takes to charge the Bluetooth speaker.

If the charger has a higher current rating, it will charge the Bluetooth speaker faster as opposed to the one with a lower rating. Labels on chargers have their current ratings in Amps (A) or Milliamps. (mA).

The recommended current ratings of 1A or 100 Milliamps or higher is the most common in chargers suitable for Bluetooth speakers.

5. Having the speaker checked by a technician

A technician might open up the Bluetooth speaker and notice that the IC is burnt and therefore the reason as to why the Bluetooth speaker wont charge.

The charging module to convert the charging circuit of the Bluetooth speaker is fixed by removing the micro USB and the burnt IC which I the reason why the current does not move to the charging circuit the battery.

If fixed the Bluetooth speaker will charge as usual.

6. Consider resetting your product

You can turn the Bluetooth speaker into ship mode then exit the ship mode by connecting it to power. Then let the speaker charge for an hour. This particularly applies to Bose Bluetooth speakers.

Safety Tips when Charging the Bluetooth Speakers

Safety tips in charging Bluetooth speakers

One should try as much as possible not to use the Bluetooth speaker while it is charging.

When charging the speaker, the electric currents normally pass through the device into the battery so that as you use the device during charging you can damage the battery. This makes it malfunction as you are likely to get electrocuted.

Do not fully charge or discharge the speaker. It is not advisable to discharge or fully charge your Bluetooth speaker battery for longer periods.

You might decide to charge the battery to 50% and subsequently recharge as necessary. In case it gets to 100%, just ensure it is not left while plugged in.

It is advisable too that the charger is disconnected when the battery is full. These devices have various light colors that show whether the speakers are fully charged or not and should the charging prolong, the speakers might be affected in the long run.

Ensure that the Bluetooth speaker is hot or overheated when you plug it to charge. If necessary, place it in a ventilated place.

It is advisable too to use the original or customized charger for the Bluetooth speaker or any branded accessory. Chargers that are faulty can fry up the batteries of the Bluetooth speaker.

Can you charge a speaker with an aux cord?

No. The auxiliary cord cannot be used to charge a speaker since its major role is to transit sound through various devices and sound sources.

This cord’s full name is the auxiliary cord which means an alternative or secondary. It is an alternative cable also known as the audio cable that joins any portable audio device or smartphone to a sound system so it does not have the ability to carry electric current.

It therefore cannot act as a charger.

How long do Bluetooth speakers take to charge?

The USB, battery capacity and the type of charger plays a role in determining the charging time where a good cable and a fast charger reducing the time taken to charge the speaker.

Bluetooth speakers come in different sizes, shapes and power ratings with some having capabilities far beyond the normal audio functions.

The time taken by a Bluetooth speaker to fully charge is indicated on the box of the product and it is worth noting this varies from speaker to speaker.

Most speakers with 2200mAh will take 3-4 hours assuming that the charger’s capacity is tailored to match the speaker’s battery rating.