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Best Bluetooth Speakers for Podcasts and Audiobooks for 2022

Best Bluetooth Speaker for Audiobooks

The process of listening to audiobooks is becoming simpler thanks to the best Bluetooth speaker for the audiobooks. The same applies when looking for Bluetooth speakers for podcasts. However, it could be beneficial if you stele for the speakers that have built-in Alexa.

In this guide, we explore different Bluetooth speakers and review the best suited for audiobooks and podcasts in terms of clarity and a better listening experience. With these, you will enjoy as interact with your audiobooks.

If you are in a hurry, here is a quick list

Product NameUnique Selling PointBuying Link
1. Echo Smart speaker Protects privacy
2. Amazon Smart PlugIt is easy to set up
3. Echo Dot Smart speakerConsist of Alexa for setting an alarm
4. Echo Flex Good privacy and uses Alexa
5. Sonos One Smart SpeakerEnjoys a wireless connection
6. Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST  Waterproof and indestructible
7. Echo Show 5 Charcoal  Uses Alexa for your help

Best Bluetooth Speaker for Podcasts and Audiobooks

1. Echo Smart Speaker – Best for Audiobooks

It is the kind of speaker that plays a dynamic bass response with crisp vocals. One can hence the listening experience by adjusting the setting on the equalizer. For example, you can pair with the second echo and give more bass with an echo sub. 

Echo Smart Speaker

You can control this smart device through voice and access different actions. Such could be locking doors, adjusting thermostats, or turning on lights. 

One can also control the music via voice calls. For example, you can ask Alexa your favorite song and have it played to your instantly.

The presence of Alexa on this device enables you to perform various where you can talk to your family from any room.

The designer made it to protect your privacy. There are multiple layers for doing so. Also, there is a microphone with a button that will disconnect the mic electronically. 

While this is just perfect for audiobooks, you can also listen to your podcasts with it due to its clarity.


  • One enjoys premium sound 
  • Voice controls the music 
  • Dynamic bass response 
  • Protect privacy 


  • Premium price

2. Amazon Smart Plug – Perfect for Kindle books

The speaker offers outstanding service thanks to the Alexa support, which adds some voice control to ensure better output. The speaker is fit for humans as it is struggle and tinker-free. 

Amazon Smart Plug

Typically, this speaker features scheduled lights and other appliances to turn on and off automatically.

In addition, the speaker has a mechanism to allow the user to control it remotely. 

The process of setting it is rather easy, which makes it a good speaker for audiobooks that you want to listen to quickly, either at the office or at home

It only requires two steps: plugging in and opening the Alexa app and getting started within a few minutes.

Notably, this speaker features a compact design to maximize any space in your storage. 


  • It is easy to set up 
  • One can control it remotely 
  • The designer certified it for human use 
  • Alexa allows voice controls 


  • Poor performance on 5G reported 

3. Echo Dot Smart speaker – Best for Podcasts

It is a smart speaker that has exclusive features that make it stand out as the best Bluetooth speaker to enjoy podcasts with. The speaker can display timers, outdoor temperature, and LED indicators.

Echo Dot Smart speaker

It is a perfect device for your night since you can involve Alexa to set the alarm. 

The Echo Dot speaker has a light sensor that will adjust to the brightness during the night or day automatically.

You can use voice control to sect your favorite music. Furthermore, the user can pair it with Echo Dot to experience rich stereo sound. 

The cool thing is one can still involve Alexa to control other functions of this smartly.

So, for example, one can use it to adjust the thermostat, turn on lights and lock on doors. 


  • Consist of Alexa for setting an alarm 
  • Designed to protect privacy 
  • Compatible with connected devices 


  • The alarm clock is not effective 

4. Echo Flex – Good for Study Books

Echo Flex is a powerful speaker that uses Alexa to manage its functions. This smart speaker relies on Alexa to get everything done. For example, one can check the weather and traffic while on your way out. 

Echo Flex

You can still perform voice controls on your smart speaker. This action will enable one to control lights, lock doors, and adjust thermostats, etc.

The good news is this smart speaker is compatible with all connected devices. 

Additionally, this speaker has a built-in USB port for charging phones.

It also has a port to add a light sensor or a motion sensor. The speaker allows the user to receive calls hands-free. 


  • It uses Alexa to manage all its functions
  • Has built-in ports for phone charging 
  • It has a mechanism to protect privacy 
  • Compatible with connected devices  


  • Complaints with poor sound reported 

5. Sonos One Smart Speaker – good for Podcasts

Sonos One Smart Speaker

Sono One is a great smart speaker featuring built-in voice control. You can use it to get a brilliant sound and enhance your listening experience.

The only thing is to install the Sono app and start managing it accordingly. 

The built-in Amazon Alexa will respond to your sound commands to make your wishes.

For example, if you desire to play music, shout the song’s name and have it. Furthermore, you can perform several actions, such as setting alarms or checking the news. 

This device is great for every room since it enjoys a compact design, which makes it good to carry to the office as you listen to your favorite podcasts.

You can place it anywhere as you work in the house or outdoors. The great news is the smart speaker is humidity resistant. 


  • It produces brilliant sound 
  • Functional Alexa to meet your needs
  • Suitable in highly humid areas such as bathroom
  • Enjoys a wireless connection with other devices 


  • Complaints were reported on poor wireless connections. 

6. Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST – Good for Audio Podcasts

If you desire to settle for a powerful speaker with 360 degrees sound, then this is the best option. It has a battery that can serve you for 12 hours with nonstop music.

Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST

The Amazon Alexa will ensure you enjoy hands-free control. You can shout your favorite music, and it will implement your voice command. 

This speaker is indestructible because it is waterproof. For instance, you can immerse the speaker in water to the extent of one meter deep.

For that matter, users can use this product in highly humid areas without a threat of destruction. 

However, you must update the speaker with an app to improve its management. 


  • It enjoys the Bluetooth support 
  • It is compatible with many devices
  • Produces heart-pounding bass 
  • It enjoys 12 hours of battery 
  • It is waterproof and indestructible 


  • Premium pricing 

7. Echo Show 5 Charcoal – best to read books

Among the smart speakers in our list, this option stands out as unique in that it has an inclusion of a screen to display several parameters. The product has an Alexa assistant to help you to perform various functions effortlessly.  

Echo Show 5 Charcoal

The user can still manage the calendars, get weather and traffic updates easily.

One can still listen to their favorite songs, watch movies and listen to the audiobook with ease. 

There is an option to control your privacy by involving the mic or camera off button.

Another way is to use a camera shutter. It is a smart device that one uses to manage switches and other control lights. 


  • Easy to control your privacy
  • It consists of a limited lifetime warranty 
  • Uses Alexa for your help 
  • One can control it remotely


  • It is costly 

Our Top Three Picks

a) Echo Smart speaker

When you put this speaker to work, you enjoy a premium sound. The presence of Alexa helps in actualizing voice control. As if that is not enough, it assists in adding several skills such as playing games and tracking fitness. The cool thing is this speaker protects your privacy. 

b) Amazon Smart Plug

It is a smart device that uses Alexa too for voice controls. The speaker is safe for human use. More importantly, it is simple to set it up once you install the Alexa app. Typically, it features a compact design to save space when you store it. 

c) Echo Dot Smart speaker

The speaker is great in assisting you to accomplish several things in the room. Such could set the alarm or controlling the light intensity. More importantly, you can involve it in listening to audiobooks. Alexa makes it versatile as it allows the user to add more relevant skills like fitness and more. 

Considerations when buying Bluetooth Speaker for Audiobooks and Podcasts

  • The number one thing to look for when buying the right speaker is to check the sound quality. Firstly, the speaker should produce the right sound that is safe for human ears. Some come heart-pounding bass and crisp, clear sound.  
  • Also, one should establish if it supports a wireless connection. The best option is to go for Bluetooth since it will pair with several compatible devices that make you access several privileges. 
  • Still, you should consider your budget. The right way is to pick a speaker that does not break your bank. You have a chance to perform extensive research and come out with the best speaker that has all the desired features with a price advantage. 

Final Take

It is possible to enjoy your listening experience by landing on the right Bluetooth speaker for audiobooks. The list above has the correct product that you could use to inject new life and access knowledge easily.