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Can Wireless Headphones be Wired? Tips to use hybrid Headsets

Can Wireless Headphones be Wired

Manufacturers of wireless headphones are realizing that a tether is convenient and even necessary at times. This is why many modern wireless headphones can be wired, and if you are buying Bluetooth or wireless headphones, you need to figure out this. Their feature slots and come with double-pronged cords that you can use to directly connect to your device.

By design, wireless headphones can be wired if you use the cord to connect the headset to the source of the audio. To convert a wireless headphone into a wired one, you will need to join the cord and it effectively becomes a wired headphone. While there is no much difference, wireless headphones are more convenient to use.

Wireless headphones with the option of wiring come in handy when Bluetooth and other wireless connectivity fail – you will also notice that the audio quality is much better when wired. Additionally, wiring helps when the battery drains as wired headphones are powered directly by the device.

wireless headphone used as wired

Considering that you can enjoy the best of both, it is recommendable to buy wireless headphones that can be wired – they will cost you more, but you will have fewer inconveniences to deal with.

Most people associate Bluetooth headphones with wireless ones. They are right to do so as both types are wireless, so to speak.

However, there are certainly distinct differences between Bluetooth and wireless headphones.

Bluetooth vs Wired headphones: Which is better

Wireless headphones are better than wired ones because they are convenient, portable, compatible, and tend to give the user freedom of movement. Based on the advantages that each presents to the user, we recommend buying wireless headsets with a wired jack.

There are many reasons why Bluetooth headphones are replacing wired ones. Besides the improvements in Bluetooth technology, which have boosted performance and clarity, other reasons why a Bluetooth headphone beats a wired one are:

Wired headphone connected to phone

1. Convenience and Versatility

It is true that many wired headphones perform better than the average Bluetooth headphone, but the fact that they are tethered makes them inconvenient to use. Oftentimes, the wire gets entangled so that it distracts you from your work and listening experience. This is never the case with Bluetooth headphones.

2. Portability

Bluetooth headphones can be used anywhere and coupled with other activities. Whether you are taking a call, working, or exercising, you can be sure that your headphones will not get in the way of your other activities.

3. Compatibility

The average wired headphone is compatible with a wide range of devices. However, the sizes of the pins do vary, and this limits their compatibility with all devices. On the contrary, most devices ranging from phones to TVs feature Bluetooth technology and are compatible as long as they are within range of each other.

4. Durability

Bluetooth headphones are even proving more durable than wired headphones thanks to their ease of use and maintenance. They are just advancing in all aspects.

Additionally, their batteries have become more powerful and can last for hundreds of charging cycles – they are also easy and cheap to replace. Check our article on the battery life of Bluetooth and wired headphones for more insight on this.

How to Pair Wireless Headphones?

Bluetooth headphones are easy to connect to Bluetooth-enabled devices: simply switch the headphones on and turn on the Bluetooth connectivity on your device.

Modern devices and headphones running on the latest Bluetooth technology connect automatically when you tap them against each other. Always make sure that there is a free slot on the device or else the headphones will not connect.

The task of pairing wireless headphones is not easy for some people as it is for others. There are several factors to consider including the streaming device and the connection channels.

One of these factors is the perceived safety of the headphones. You can learn more about the safety of wired or wireless headphones with a range of common devices in that link. 

Difference between Wireless and Bluetooth Hybrid Headphones

Radio Frequencies

Wireless headphones rely on radio frequencies that are closely similar to Bluetooth technology – they mostly work with infrared waves. However, there is one fundamental difference between them: Bluetooth technology covers short ranges while infrared waves and other radio frequencies cover longer distances. To this end, wireless headphones cover a range of about 100 feet while Bluetooth headphones cover about 30 feet.

Connectivity and Wiring

Modern wireless headphones are coming configured with Bluetooth technology so that they are compatible with a wider range of devices. This, however, is not the case with Bluetooth headphones whose connectivity is mostly limited to Bluetooth technology.

Interestingly, however, some Bluetooth and wireless headphones can be tethered to a two-pronged wire. Bluetooth headphones are generally compatible with more devices compared to wireless headphones.

2-in-1 Hybrid headphones

Popular Uses

Wireless headphones are mostly popular with professionals such as transcribers and consultants working at call centers. They are also popular with gamers who need to move around further and more often.

Bluetooth headphones, on the other hand, are most popular for casual use such as making calls, listening to music, and watching.  This difference is key to consider when buying Bluetooth or wireless headphones or earphones in today’s world.

Types and Makes

Wireless headphones also come in varying types and versatility – they are mostly limited to over-the-ear headphones and earbuds, but different makes offer varying choices in complementary technology. They are also slightly more expensive than the latter.


Wired headphones are much common and always liked. However, you can use wireless headphones as wired. This way, you enjoy both wired and wireless functions by buying 2-in-1 hybrid headphones. There are varying types of Bluetooth and wireless headphones with wired capabilities.

However, when picking the right one, you will need to consider several other factors. Consider more factors such as power, clarity, performance, and compatibility when choosing what type of headphones to use.