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JBL Vs Beats Wireless Earbuds: why you should choose each

JBL Vs Beats Wireless Earbuds

JBL and Beats are the top two leading earbuds brands. You can never go wrong if you purchase any one of these brands. The primary reason behind this is that they have superior qualities which make them outstanding. But as an individual, you might have your personal preferences between JBL Vs Beats Wireless Earbuds, where you can prefer one brand over the other.

In addition, there are some minor features that make the two brands different. You can find it challenging to choose the most suitable brand because they are almost the same. But we have done the hard work for you by using and testing these two brands to let you know the specific features of the earbuds.

JBL Vs Beats Wireless Earbuds: A comprehensive Comparison

There are different models of the JBL and Beat earbuds which have different features. The first thing you will notice about the earbuds is that they are both very comfortable. Both brands have been designed in a way that they will hold to your ears comfortably. This makes them ideal to be used while in the gym or while doing other physical activities.

You will not have to worry about them falling off irrespective of the exercises you are doing. Both the makers of these earbuds have worked extra hard to make sure that they can hold on to your ears firmly no matter what you are doing.

Bluetooth connectivity of JBL and Beat wireless earbuds

When it comes to Bluetooth connectivity, the JBL earbuds are more reliable because they have a longer working range. Majority of the models from JBL have more than ten feet working range which gives you more freedom of movement. You will not need to hold your phone or tablet on your hands to use these particular earbuds. The Bluetooth connection on the JBL earbuds is also strong where it does not keep on breaking up provided you are within the working range.

Battery Life of JBL and Beat wireless earbuds

The battery life of the two brands is almost the same where most models can last up to twelve hours. The Beats model that has the least battery life can last up to eight hours. This is sufficient power especially considering that you cannot workout for eight hours continuously.

You can know more about how long the battery lasts. To maintain your earbuds well, check a guide on how long do Bluetooth Headphones Battery last?. You can know more about their battery life and how long lasts after charging.

The best JBL earbuds model is able to last for twelve hours and this is important since you will not need to keep on recharging. Furthermore, both the brands come with the standard charging options where you can use almost any type of charger provided you connect the earbuds to a powered device that has a USB connection.

The weight of JBL vs that of Beat earbuds

The weight of the different models of earbuds varies depending on the particular model that you choose. The standard weight of the Beats models is 1.9 pounds while that of the JBL models is 1.8 pounds. This means that the JBL earbuds are relatively lighter than the beats ones. The main reasons behind this are the materials used to make the earbuds.

The JBL models are made with significantly lighter materials which enable them to be lighter. As a result, you can use them for long hours and also carry them around with you easily. In the battle of weight on JBL Vs Beats Wireless Earbuds, the former takes it.

How about the functionality?

When comparing the functionality and convenience of the two brands of earbuds, you will notice that the JBL models are better. The main reason behind this is that most of the JBL earbuds can be hanged on the neck like a necklace. This is helpful because it reduces the chances of losing the earbuds when you are not using them.

Whether you choose JBL or Beats wireless earbuds, You can also store the earbuds easily whenever you are not using them. But most of the earbuds from Beats are designed in a way that they are separate and as a result, if you are not careful you can easily lose them.

The design of JBL and Beat earbuds

The two brands of earbuds are also designed in a way that they are waterproof. They will remain in good condition no matter how sweaty you are. You can also use them in the morning when it is chilly and they will still remain in good condition. This is helpful because while exercising you will for sure sweat.

The sweat will not affect the earbuds where you just need to clean them after completing your work out session. Being waterproof is also helpful because you can use earbuds while swimming.

The design of the different earbuds from the two brands is also meant to make sure that you enjoy top-class elegance. Most of the earbuds will look elegant while on the ears regardless of where you are. The two companies have tried to attract young customers by designing the earbuds in a way that they are elegant and sporty. You will just need to compare the different models so that you can identify the specific model that you prefer.

Comparing the microphone of JBL and Beat earbuds

The microphones on all the earbuds from these two brands are strong where the person you are talking with will hear everything you are saying clearly. The importance of this is that you might be in a noisy place where you will need the other person to hear you clearly.

Most of the Beats earbuds are designed in a manner that you will hear everything clearly irrespective of whether you are receiving a call or you are just listening to music. The strength of the microphones might vary depending on the specific model you get. But all the microphones in these two models are designed to make sure you use the earbuds efficiently.

Comparing the compatibility between JBL and Beat earbuds

When it comes to compatibility, the Beats earbuds are better because they are compatible with more gadgets than the JBL earbuds. This is important because it will not matter the device you are using for you to use the earbuds.

All what will matter is that the earbuds are compatible with the particular device you are using. Because of compatibility you should go through the features of the earbuds carefully before you decide the ones to purchase. You can even go with your phone or tablet while purchasing the earbuds to be sure that they are compatible.


Earbuds can significantly make your life simpler especially if you are able to identify the right models. If you compare the JBL vs Beats wireless earbuds, you shall have the necessary insight to make an informed decision. You shall just need to select the right store that sells quality earbuds. The cost of getting the earbuds is significantly low compared to the benefits you get.

This is especially if you are an exercise enthusiast who likes spending a lot of time working out. You will have the freedom to keep your phone safe as you work out. The phone will also not disrupt you and as a result, you will be more comfortable. You just need to choose the earbuds that suit your needs between the JBL and Beats earbuds.