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Charging Aftershokz Headphones: Safety Tips and Charge Time

Charging Aftershockz Headphones

To maintain Aftershockz headsets, you need to charge them optimally. In this post, we give safety tips on how and how long to charge your Aftershockz headphones for optimum utility.

The Aftershokz headphones flaunt a sophisticated design and unrivaled sound quality. From our comprehensive review of the best bone-conduction headphones, we realized that an Aftershokz pair is really good.

For multisport lovers, though, it’s the headphones’ impressive battery life that does all the magic. Once fully charged, they can last for eight hours.  

wearing Aftershokz headsets

While the Aftershokz are designed to withstand constant abuse as you exercise, showing a little love like knowing when to charge can help prolong their lifespan.

From hours of intimate researching on and using these headphones, here’s what we found on keeping the Aftershokz charging system working seamlessly.

How Long Does it take to Charge Aftershokz Headphones

Before testing how long it takes for your headphones to be fully charged, it’d help to outline the best practices for safe charging.

The Aftershokz headphones are boxed with a micro-USB charger. During charging, insert the charger on a USB port on a wall adapter, a computer or any other charging station. Even then, ensure that the voltage registered on the charger does not exceed 5 volts.  

AfterShokz Bluez headphones take an average of 1.5 to 2 hours to charge from 0 to a hundred percent. If you are just bought a new pair of headphones, you’ll only need a maximum of an hour to charge as they are already halfway charged.

As a rule of thumb, it’s ideally safer to exhaust the charge before plugging them again. This safeguards the battery and the charging system. As the headphones are charging, the LED light remains red and only turns blue when the charging process reaches 100%.

What Determines the Time for Charging Aftershokz headphones?

The Aftershokz headphones feature an integrated voice assistant that keeps you updated on the percentage of the charge remaining. Basically, the voice lets you know:

  • When the headphones are fully charged. The LED light also turns blue
  • The charge has diminished to halfway.
  • The charge falls to a low level. At this juncture, you have less than an hour audio charge available
  • The charge falls to critical levels. The assistant warns you three times that you need to recharge the earphones. If you fail to charge within duration on 10 minutes after the warnings, the headphones go off.

So, when is the best time to charge your headphones?

First off, check your headphone’s charge status by clicking the volume- or volume + buttons. Audrey, the voice assistant, will notify you of the charge status; either “battery high” for nearly charged, “battery medium” for a 50 percent charge capacity, or “charge me” for a critically low charge.  

If you are often on the move, it’d help to bolster the charge anytime you have a chance just to ensure you don’t drain the battery midway through your exercise sessions.

Else, you can wait for voice assistant prompts to charge the headphones. Avoid overcharging as it may damage the battery over the long run. Take note that the manufacturer’s warranty won’t cover misuse or abuse.

Safety Tips How to Charge your Aftershokz

It’s important to exercise caution when charging your treasured headphones so as to safeguard the charging system and the battery too. Ideally,

Unboxing before Charging Aftershokz Headphones
Red LED charging Light
AfterShocks headsets ready for charging
  1. Ensure that the headphones prior to charging. Air-drying them immediately after use safeguards them from damage once you plug in the USB charger.
  2. The Aftershokz headphones are boxed with their own USB charging cable. If you’d want to use a different cable for charging these earphones, just ensure the USB doesn’t max over 2a when charging. A helpful trick is to only use standard USB chargers.
  3. Don’t charge your earphones for more than an hour when they are new. They are already halfway charged from the factory.
  4. Stop charging the headphones when the LED light turns from red to blue. Charging beyond this point will wear down the battery. 
  5. The voltage dissipated by the charging port shouldn’t exceed 5volts ( or 2 amps)
  6. To safeguard your headphones, minimize exposure to elements such as dust, moisture, and grime. This because when you are charging, you have to flip open the protective sheath that protects the headphones charging port.
  7. While using your headphones while they are charging does not pose any danger, there is a chance you will accidentally pull the USB cable as you go about your business. This, over time, can affect the headphones charging port.
  8. Avoid using fast chargers to charge your headphones. Any damage caused by such will not be catered for by the warranty.

What are the Risks for Using Aftershokz While Charging?

While the manufacturer doesn’t expressively prohibit using your Aftershokz headphones when they are still plugged in, it’d be helpful to be cautious due to a number of secondary risks:

  • Risk of rust- when charging the headphones, you will have to flip open the cover that protects the charging port.

Now imagine putting them on as you sip on your favorite drink- there is a good chance such moisture or  dust will reach the charging port and cause clogging or rusting over time.

  • Chances of dropping them

If you are used to taking calls though the headphones as you stroll outside, there is a good chance you will forget about the charging cables and end up dropping the headphones.

A few falls later and your headphones will be battered and quality of sound will be affected.  

  • Take more charging time

Well, since you are using the charge as fast as it comes in, it will take much longer to get the battery full.

If you were planning to use then on some outdoor activity, you might end with a dead battery mid way between your stimulating exercise sessions. There can’t be a bigger disappointment than this.

  • Risk of charging

The Aftershokz headphones are either equipped with a CR2 or Lithium batteries. These new generation batteries are more efficient as they store for a longer period.

Even then, cases of such batteries exploding due to overcharging abound. This is because Lithium-ion batteries have a risk of exploding, especially when they are over-charged.

Yet, there is a possibility you may forget to unplug the USB charger when the battery is full thus exposing yourself to danger.

Final Word

To enjoy the powerful features of the Afterschokz headphones to the fullest, it’s critical to keep them in pristine condition. Following safety steps when charging Aftershokz Headphones is important. The headsets get very good reviews among the lovers of music and need good care.

Caring for Aftershockz entails, among others, understanding how best to safeguard their charging systems. Aftershocks and other bone-conduction headphones are safe and work well. Therefore, you need to take care of them.

By doing the hard work, we have compiled a simplified guide on the dangers and best practices of keeping your headphones working efficiently.

Wondering where to find the charging port or how to insert the charger? Watch this explainer video for some guidance:

YouTube video