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Best Wireless Headphones under 30: Cheap but quality (2022)

4 of the Best Sound Quality Headphones under 100

Your desire to live a free life full of entertainment and love for wireless headphones is what has brought you to this page. For sure, a good set of headphones must be classic and affordable, but here are the four best sound quality wireless headphones under 30 bucks. A headphone is an excellent investment that helps you in getting more than what you put in.

Before you consider making this vital addition to your electronic devices, it is ideal to know that some of the best wireless headphones are worth your money. Read our guide on Buying Bluetooth or Wireless Headphones or have a quick look at the factors below.

What to consider when buying wireless headphones

It is advisable that you first consider some factors whenever you are shopping for the best headphones. The requirements you need will help you get the right headphone. These factors may include:

  1. Cost.
  2. Technological design.
  3. Size.
  4. Availability.

Best Sound Quality Wireless Headphones under 30

We have reviewed the four best sound wireless headphones under $30 for money according to their different features.

Product Name Brand Selling PointBuying Link
Bluedio Bluedio T2s Headphones Bluedio Folding Wireless Headset
On-Ear with Mic
FOCUSPOWER Headphones FocusPower F10 mini Bluetooth Earbud
Has mic  for iPhone
Phaiser BHS-530 Bluetooth Headphones Phaiser Wireless earbuds
Beyution Wireless Built in Mic Panasonic Wireless headphone with a built-in Mic

1. Bluedio Bluedio T2s Headphones

Considered to be one of the best sound quality wireless headphones under $ 100, Bluedio T2S headphones consist of a Bluetooth chip that transmits data at high speed at the same note to bring a natural smooth music experience.

The manufacturers had Bluedio T2S to ensure comfortable wear. What does that mean? There are an ear cup and headband top which are padded with enough foam and covered with soft leather to ensure ear fit. You can wear for long hours without noticing any strain on your head or ear.

Bluedio T2S headphones contain the T2S Ultra-big speakers, which has a diameter of around 2.24 inches, which is capable of bringing a great sound to your ears as you enjoy your music experience. Bluedio T2S headphones are dominant in this category. Also, there is a battery which can operate for up to 40hours off charge as you enjoy your audio.


  • Bluedio has classic speakers which produce a vibrant and stable bass with a clear sound to excite your music experience.
  • It has a Bluetooth chip that enables high-speed transmission of data and ensures smooth music encounter when listening.
  • The headband and earpad are well fitted with foam and cover to boost comfortability, especially when wearing for more extended periods.
  • It is easier to carry since you can rotate the ear cup up to 195 degrees saving more space.
  • Bluedio carries a battery that supports the long-duration performance of up to 40 hours.


  • Bluedio has not only Bluetooth but also wired; to work when the battery runs low.

2. FOCUSPOWER Headphones

Are you looking for a classic wireless headphone? FOCUSPOWER F10 Mini Bluetooth Earbud Smallest Wireless Invisible Headphone can be a perfect choice. This is considered to be another excellent option for the best sound quality wireless headphones under $100 for the money. It has an F10 earbud that can stay in your either ears firmly and securely.

Furthermore, F10 is light whereby the user may hardly notice when it is there. When the earbud is comfortably and securely inside your ear, you can have a fascinating experience taking pleasure in crisp sound for the music, podcasts, and hands-free calls.

With Focus F10, it is possible to connect two cell phones at the same time, and this works best for a person who operates two cell phones.

FOCUSPOWER F10 Mini Bluetooth Earbud Smallest Wireless Invisible Headphone is so small with an embedded 55mAH Lithium-ion battery that can last for 5 to 6 hours of audio playtime as compared to similar-sized Bluetooth earbuds on the market which takes less time off charge.


  • FOCUSPOWER is small in size, providing comfortable wear, hidden, and best suited for different scenarios.
  • It has Bluetooth 4.1 & EDR Technology which is compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices from a range of 33 feet away.
  • FOCUS POWER supports multipoint connection whereby two cell phones can be in contact at the same time.
  • It has a high energy conservation ability which can store battery power for 6 hours of music play, unlike the similar ones in the market that take 3.5 hours.
  • It is easier to charge.


  • Battery capacity reduces with time as soon as one month in use.

3. Phaiser BHS-530 Bluetooth Headphones for Running

Considered to be a legend in the headphone family, Phaiser is a gadget that you can never afford to miss in your daily life, especially when you are on a tight budget. Phaiser has BHS-730, which enables you to navigate between calls and music with the push of a button. There is a specially designed mic that reduces background noise to allow more relaxed conversation in a noisy environment.

Phaiser BHS-530 Bluetooth Headphones for Running has earbuds that were fitted with perfect form and design to make you feel comfortable when wearing. During that time of use, you enjoy high-quality audio.

Are you afraid of sweat? Not with Phaiser anymore. It is made for running and so it is designed to handle sweat. Every Phaiser headset has a water-resistant hydrophobic Nano-coating that solves all sweat issues throughout your use, making Phaiser headphones user-friendly with outstanding performance.


  • Phaiser has a patented winged earphone tip that holds your buds in place during rigorous movements ensuring a comfortable and secure fit.
  • It has classic speakers with Bluetooth 4.1 that creates super accurate HD quality sound with powerful bass.
  • It has been protected by Liquipel Nano, coating your pads, therefore, making it waterproof and sweat-free.
  • You can carefully and neatly mount the earphones around your neck because they are held together by magnetic means hence easier access.
  • You can enjoy a lifetime sweatproof warranty.


  • Phaiser comes only in one color (Black).

4. Beyution Wireless Built in Mic Bluetooth Headphone

Beyution headphones are known for making some of the best sound wireless headphones in the market. Most of their products are known to be pretty good despite the variety of models in the market.

Are you interested in an easy-to-use, affordable, and safety-featured moderate headphone? Beyution headphone is the best option for you.

Beyution Wireless Built-in Mic Bluetooth Headphone has an ergonomic over-ear design to ensure a comfortable fit with ultra-soft cushions to enable a perfect fit in all your ears.


  • Beyution has a brilliant battery that can sustain an 8-hour audio play with a standby time of 180 hours.
  • Beyution headband is adjustable to an appropriate size that fits the user.
  • The Bluetooth technology in the Beyution headphones supports hands-free calling.
  • It has 40mm driver installed along with neodymium magnets to produce deep bass and full-range sound which has a noise reduction capability.
  • Beyution has a mounted Bluetooth that can transmit signals to a range of 33 feet / 360 degrees.


  • Beyution appears only one color (Red).

Our Verdict

From our review, we found the Bluedio T2S headphones as the best experience and quality sound yet affordable wireless headphones. However, do not worry if you are in a state of indecision.

Buying one of the best sound quality wireless headphones under $100 for the money is an excellent addition to your gadgets and a worthy investment to your devices.

It, therefore, makes sense to go for a product that will offer you the best service. The several models of headphones have made it hard for buyers to get the best headphones in the market.