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Can Headphones be used as a Microphone? Tips How to Do it

headphone as a microphone

Did you know that headphones work as a microphone (mic)? Headphones are microphones because both devices work in vibrations. It is just that microphones track beats from sound to record it while headphones and speakers vibrate to produce sound.

So, a microphone is similar to a speaker—the molecules of air that make up a soundwave move headphone’s driver diaphragm. The driver is attached to a voice coil, a coil of wire which sits between a magnet. When the coil moves through the magnetic field, it produces electrical signals.

The headphones and microphones depend on the vibrating diaphragms to transform sound into electrical pulses and back to sound again. It means it is possible to record audio by speaking into your headphones. So, if you urgently need a microphone to record and the quality isn’t important, you can use a pair of headphones.

Can a Headphone be used as a Microphone?

A Headphone can be used as a microphone because headphones are transducers. Microphones can also be used as headphones because both can convert one form of energy into another. Microphones transform acoustic energy into electric power while headphones can reverse that. All you need to do is plug them into a mic input.

However, it is essential to remember that while headphones and mics operate on the same principle, they are also optimized or designed to do a good job.

Hence, you can use your headphones as microphones, but not good ones, and you can use a mic as an earpiece, but not an effective one.

Most headphones have a four-band 3.5mm TRRS connector, adding another audio channel to the stereo output, such as a microphone input; TRRS plugs work well in computers with built-in microphones and headphone jacks.

You can use an external microphone adapter to convert the 3.5mm TRRS plug to a three-band 3.5mm mic input connector for computers with separate mic and headphone jacks.

How to use a Headphones as a Microphone

So, how do you take advantage of your headphones as microphones? Easy, all you have to do is plug the wires from your headphones into a microphone input. Start talking by connecting them to a mic jack.

using headphone as a microphone

Make sure the mic levels are down, then speak into it and adjust the levels as needed.

If the controller has EQ controls, lower the lows and raise the highs to lessen the boominess of your voice.

Another thing to watch out for is that high-pitched shriek from the mic picking up the signal, i.e., feedback.

Headphones have a more extensive surface area, making detecting feedback extremely easy.

Turn off the booth monitors, so the music and your voice aren’t picked up.

Make your announcement, then disconnect your headphones and switch off the mic. If your headset includes Bluetooth capability, you can take advantage of it.

It is a unique and wonderful surprise when you first figure out how to use your headphone as a mic. So, go ahead and pretend you’re a kid again by babble-babble-babble. If someone wonders what you’re up to, say “magic.”

How to use headphones as a microphone on;


Get your pair of headphones and plug them into the input on your device. After that, press record and begin speaking into the earphone. It appears to function best with iPod-style headphones that are less expensive.

And it isn’t always successful. It is sometimes dependent on whether or not the mic jack provides voltage and whether or not that voltage is as limited as it should be.


Plug your headphones into your computer’s microphone jack, commonly known as audio input or line-in. To access the Sound control panel, type “manage audio devices” into the search box and select “Manage audio devices” from the results.

using headphone microphone on laptop

The Sound control panel’s “Recording” tab will appear.

Repeatedly blowing on or tapping your headphones will cause green bars to emerge, suggesting that your computer is picking up the sound.

Select your makeshift microphone and click the “Set Default” button after you’ve verified that it’s listed and operating.

After clicking the ” OK ” button, you can now utilize your headphones as a microphone.

Due to design restrictions, you will need to speak loudly into your repurposed headphones for your computer system to pick up sound

Do headphones have a microphone? Where?

Most multi-purpose headphones usually have a pair of earpieces and a microphone. It allows the user to make hands-free calls or use them for other activities such as online gaming. However, because headphones are made for listening to music, not all have a mic.

microphone on headphone

Generally, headphones with a microphone are knowns as headsets. There are two types of headphones with a mic, the external microphone type, and the internal microphone or voice tube design.

The external microphone type has a microphone arm carrying an external mic.

A built-in mic is located near the earpiece in the voice tube design, and a tube carries sound to the microphone.

Built-in headphones are more popular because you can use the mic button to receive or reject calls when listening to music.

You can talk over the mic without reaching for the phone, i.e., they allow hands-free communication.

If your headphones do not have an integrated mic, you can take a call and listen to the caller through your earphones, but you can only speak through your phone’s in-built microphone.