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Safe Headphone Volume level: Safe Vol for iPhone and Android

What is the Safe Headphone Volume for iPhone

Do you love cranking up the volume of your headphones especially when using your smartphones? Well, you may be exceeding the safe listening levels without knowing. In this post, you will discover the safe headphone volume, especially for your iPhone and Android so that you can enjoy it without damaging your ears.

High listening volume is good but risks your eardrum. You may like it because it is enjoyable, but you need to limit it. The concern is that most people raise the volumes of their headphones even when they are in quiet places. Let’s explore the safe level.

The Safe Headphone Volume level

The phone has a lot of music power which means that the headphones can get really loud. Therefore, it is recommended to use a safe headphone volume level as you enjoy your music.

According to experts, the safe headphone volume is 85 decibels or simply below 70% of your volume meter. Anything above that is too loud. The optimum headphone volume level ranges between 70% and 80%. If you are listening above that, do not exceed 15 minutes to avoid ear damage.

With that in mind, let us explore a graphical view of the safe headphone volume levels the most optimum levels and the harmful ones.

What is the safe Headphone volume level?
Various Headphone volume levels

In the volume control panel above, the volume levels shadded in green show the safe levels to listen at when using your headphones.

The levels shaded in yellow shows the optimum volume level for your phone or headphone, and you should not go beyond that.

The extreme right side shows levels shaded in red, meaning that the volume at that level is just too high and can harm your ears. If you listen for long hours at that level, you are risking to damage your eardrums.

Why knowing the right volume is important

Knowing the right volume is key to protect your ears and those of people you care about, especially children and toddlers. Also, safety is a consideration when selecting any headphone or earphone, and actually know which is safer

In addition, adopting safe headphone volume levels is more important when you are working in a place where to listen to music and using your headphones.

In such situations, it means that you will be wearing the headphones almost on a daily basis.

How to tell your Headphones or Earphones are Loud

1. Your Location

The volume levels of your headphones while using any phone depend on the place you are. If you are in a noisy place you can raise your volume with relatively no harm.

In such a situation you might raise the volume above seventy percent. But this should only be for a short time. If you want to be safe you should look for a quiet place to use your headphones.

2, Noise Cancelling Feature

Modern headphones have noise-canceling features that ensure that you do not get disrupted by outside noises. This gives you the ability and freedom to use safe sound levels.

When in situations of noise, and that will require raising volume levels do that for a few minutes. It is better to wait to hear your favorite songs when later, instead of putting your ears at risk.

3. The Headphone Design

The design of your headphones plays an important role in determining the safest volume levels. This is is because some headphones are made with more safety features than others. Some of the safest headphones for ears are designed with more safety features that are meant to protect you.

If you do not buy such a headset, you can buy an additional volume control gadget.

The best in the market is the Koss VC20, which has an easy-to-use control.

While shopping for the headphones to use with your iPhone you should make sure that you check the safety features.

This will help you be able to purchase headphones with top-quality features which will keep your ears safe.

How Manufacturers like Apple promote Optimal Headphone Volume

Yes, they do. Most competent manufacturers of headphones usually recommend the volume levels which you should use. In fact, Apple Inc allows you to set a sound limit on your iPhone or iPod.

The importance of this is to ensure the headphones’ users are always safe at all times. When you get good headphones from a reliable manufacturer you will get details about the safest volume when using an iPhone.

Media Volume control center showing that Apple minds the safe iPhone volume level

Such details are helpful because most manufacturers and sellers are usually accurate.

Apple Inc, for instance, has a media volume control center to help iPhone users adjust the music volume easily.

This is because they want to maintain their reputations so that they can look reliable.

Most manufacturers will not have any intention of causing any harm to their customers.

This is especially to those who do not limit their listening to a safe headphone volume for iPhone or any other gadget.

In addition, they will also want to provide accurate information which will play a big role in making them look reliable.

Because of this, you can rely on the information from the manufacturer and seller when it comes to controlling the volume or determining safe listening levels.

However, it is also advisable to do independent research. This is because some manufacturers and sellers might give misleading information just to make their headphones look good.

Studies about safe headphone volume decibels

Cut A study by the World Health Organization indicates that around 1.1 billion people at risk of hearing loss. Studies tend to show that you should not have high headphones volume. in fact, the BBC reported that WHO recommends us to Cut music to ‘an hour a day.’

The findings are meant to make sure that all iPhone and headphones users take the right precautions. The volume levels are usually measured in decibels. Because of this, you can easily establish the decibel levels which are safe for your ears.

How Loud is Too Loud for Headphones

Any volume beyond the 85-decibel mark is just too loud for headphones or even earphones. However, this depends on a number of factors, ranging from the location you are at and the design of your headphones.

What volume is too loud for headphones?

Also, the brand and the make of the headphones will help you know the decibels they can produce at any given time.

You should also check the safety attributes of the headphones. This will enlighten you on the volume levels you should use to be safe.

Now, let us look at these factors and how to tell the optimum level of the volume.

A Simple hack to tell safe headphone volume and listening levels

Basically, a safe volume for your ears should be the one that the person next to you cannot hear what you are listening to. This is because the sound is directed to your ears, and if it can be heard aloud from outside, then you are loud.

Honestly, if the person next to you can hear what you are listening to, there is a high probability that your volume is too high. This is regardless of the type of headphones you are using.

The open-back headphones might be audible to people around you. But the closed-back option should not be audible to the people around you. This will play a big role in enhancing your safety.

The Safe iPhone Volume Level

To enjoy your media on the iPhone, you need to adopt a safe volume level that will be optimum for your ears. Always put your media volume and headphones at lower levels.

The recommended safe headphone volume for your iPhone is 70% and below or any level lower than 85 decibels. Simply put, the phone volume level should not go beyond the 70% mark. Any volume level higher than that may damage your ears, especially if you listen for long.

However, if you are in a noisy place, you may increase your volume, but this should not be for long. In this case, you should adopt safe listening levels.

Knowing the right volume reduces the risk and is one of the ways of knowing preventing hearing loss from headphones. This makes it very important to always regulate the volume of your headphones especially while using an iPhone.

Where is the 85-Decibel Mark on an iPhone?

The 85-decibel volume mark on the iPhone is most certainly on the 70% level of the media volume gauge.

the 85-decibel mark on iPhone volume and limit

This is indicated on the meter that shows up when adjusting your volume on the media volume settings on the iPhone.

The good thing with the iPhone is that you can set a limit so that you do not go beyond this point.

Basically, when you increase or reduce the media volume on the iPhone, and the mark selected, the phone settings make sure that you cannot pass beyond it.

Different headphones are designed to produce different decibel levels, which informs why some are louder than others.

Two different sets of headphones might produce different decibel levels while on the same volume percentages.

Because of this, you should know the specific features of your headphones that you can use and how unique they are.

How to Increase or Reduce Volume on iPhone

Two of these features are the volume buttons that are located on the left side of the iPhone to increase and reduce the volume.

How to Increase or Reduce Volume on iPhone

To increase the volume, use the lower button with a negation (-) mark, and the reducing volume will reflect on your headphones.

To increase the volume, use the upper button with a plus (+) mark, and you will notice the increased volume on your headphones or earbuds.

Are you wondering how long and safe it is to listen to music through headphones in one sitting?

Well, if you listen at a higher level than 85-decibels, then it is advisable that you restrict yourself to 15 minutes.

In case you have the freedom to take breaks, you should also ensure that you take breaks every hour.

If you do not regulate the volume you might not feel anything in the short term, but in the long term, you are risking your ears.

How to determine the Safe Headphone Volume for iPhone?

There are different gadgets and tools to establish a safe volume while using your headphones. You can get these gadgets and tools even for free. There are websites that can help you measure the decibels produced by your headphones.

With these tools and gadgets, you will be able to know how powerful your headphones are. This will let you know whether you can be affected negatively if you raise the volume levels to very high levels.

At the same time, you can get quality and affordable headphones that are reliable and safe provided you buy from the right seller. If you are keen you will be able to select the particular headphones which will be suitable for you.

Doing a simple comparison will help you be able to identify the safest and most reliable headphones to use with your iPhone.

Safe Headphone Volume for Android

From our tests, we consider the volume of between 70 and 85 decibels as the safe headphone volume for Android and iPhone? This, however, depends on individuals, but many have agreed to this level. There are certain levels of volume that can result in both short-term and long-term problems.

This makes it paramount to listen to your music at this headphone volume level to listen to avoid any risk of hearing loss.

The risk of hearing damage makes it important to know the volume level for your headphones or earphones because of your ear safety.

Sometimes, using headphones can pose certain risks if you do not use them properly.

Some of these risks include your ears being affected negatively if the volume is too high.

When to use High Headphone Volume for Android

low to high volume android

You can use the maximum headphone volume while using android, but just for a short period and stop when you finish listening to what you were using.

It is not advisable to use the maximum volume for more than thirty minutes.

This is especially when listening to music.

If you use high volumes for long and using earphones can cause vertigo which is not safe.

The main reason behind this is that your eardrums can only handle the maximum volume for a short period of time. If you use the maximum volume for a prolonged period of time your ears will eventually start experiencing problems.

You will not even be able to hear the music clearly. That is why it is highly recommended to use a 70% volume level for iPhone and not to exceed the 85-decibel mark.

How to Use Headphones without Damaging your Ears

The way you use your headphones will significantly play a role in determining the health of your ears. If you use your headphones in the wrong way there might be negative repercussions.

Your ears are delicate and they can be easily damaged by headphones if you do not use the headphones in the right manner. This is especially if you use headphones for long hours.

However, if you use the headphones in the right manner, your ears will be perfectly safe regardless of how long you use the headphones.

As advised in the recommended headphone volume, just do not go beyond the 70% mark on the volume measure. To avoid damaging your ears while using headphones you should start by adjusting the volume accordingly.

You should not use very high levels of volume especially when you are planning to use the headphones for long hours.

High volume levels will affect your eardrum and other delicate parts of your ear. You should adjust to the earphone volume to safe levels where you are able to hear clearly without too much noise.

If you are listening to music you should only have enough volume to let you hear the words and beats. The fact that the headphones usually cover your ears means that all the sound will be getting directly to your ear.

Therefore, while using headphones you should only have volume levels that are comfortable.

The right headphones for safe volume

It is also important to ensure that you get the right headphones. The importance of this question is that there are certain headphones that have features that can enhance the safety of your ears.

Most of the modern headphones are designed in a manner that your ears will be perfectly safe. But it is always paramount to ensure you check the features of the headphones you purchase.

When you go through the specific features of the headphones you will be able to tell the ones that will suit your needs perfectly.

Using headphones safely is important, and manufacturers know this. There are even affordable headphones that are designed in a way that they will keep your ears safe at all times.

Another way of ensuring that you do not damage your ears while using headphones is ensuring that you take breaks. This simply means that you should not use your headphones for prolonged periods.

There are times when you might need to use your headphones for long periods of time. In such situations, you should ensure that you take periodic breaks.

This will give your ears time to relax before you can resume using the headphones. When you take periodic breaks your ears will not become fatigued because of prolonged use of headphones and as a result, you will prevent the ears from getting damaged.

The Final Advice

The safe headphone music volume for iPhone should be around 70% of the volume gauge or below. When you use the right volume levels feel free to listen to music for longer both in the short and long term.

If you need to use the headphones for more than six hours, it is important to make sure you regulate the volume effectively.

However, if you continue using the headphones on your iPhone you will eventually develop issues.

Some of the issues you might develop are serious and they will affect your life significantly. Therefore, it is always advisable to use the safest headphones volume when using them with your iPhone.


Using headphones with an Android phone or on your iPhone is very enjoyable. This is especially when you are using the right headphones.

There are certain headphones that are more compatible with androids and iPhones than others.

If you are able to identify the right headphones you will be able to enjoy top quality music in a convenient manner. You will also be able to make and receive calls remotely.

FAQs on Safe Listening Volume

What determines volume and sound quality in headphones?

The headphones’ volume while using android and iPhone mainly depends on the sound levels of the headphones you are using. These sound levels are measured in dBAs.

If your headphones are able to produce high levels of dBAs you should adjust the volume accordingly to reach the safe headphone volume for Android and iPhone. Since androids and iPhones are very powerful they will be able to produce high levels of dBAs.

How to regulate headphone volume

You should regulate the dBAs produced by adjusting the volume levels of the headphones you are using. If you are using ordinary headphones it is advisable to regulate the volume to between fifty and seventy percent. This will give you the freedom to hear everything but still maintain the health of your ears.

Can I exceed the 85 volume level?

Yes, but only for a short while, especially if you are in a noisy place. However, if you are planning to use the headphones for long hours it is advisable not to exceed seventy percent when it comes to volume levels. This is regardless of whether you are in a noisy place or you are just alone in a quiet place.

How many decibels are earphones on full volume?

The full volume of most headphones or earphones is between 110 and 150 decibels. The maximum level is determined by the type of headset and the design of the headphone or earphones. Despite having the maximum level of volume, it is advisable you do not use this high volume for long.

What happens when your headphones are too loud?

When your headphones are too loud, you are risking ear damage and eventual hearing loss. High volume above 100 decibels damages the eardrum with pressure and leads to hearing loss.

If you use high volume most of the time on your headphones, your ears will eventually get damaged. Some of the issues that might affect your ears are temporary where you can easily deal with them. But you can also get permanent damage to your ears.

To learn more about how loud your headphone volume should be, watch the video below

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